June 21, 2011
Hey you guys!!!!

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything.  There are many reasons for this.

1) Logan has been having some behavior issues lately, caused by the unfortunate lack of time I get to spend with him, thanks to my lovely place of employment and his sleep schedule (which leaves us maybe two hours together).  Because he only saw me for about two hours a day, he seemed to start resenting me for it if I divided my attention with anything else at all.  So, in an attempt to rebuild my relationship with my little bugger, I’ve been foregoing all distractions (including cleaning and regular house care stuff) until he goes to sleep. 

2) My job completely blocked all internet pages that are remotely interesting.  It started with blogs and message boards.  Then it became Social Networking.  Then it became anything even remotely related to entertainment.  Now, they even have my gmail blocked so I can’t check my e-mail.  Because I have some serious ADD and would pop back and forth between fun stuff and work assignments to keep myself interested, this is when I did most of my tumblr posting. 

3) Add to that my super sekrit mission, which has reached Level 3 of 4 and my renewed attempts to get some of my short stories published and some of my longer fiction done and…

There just isn’t enough time in the dang day. 

So here’s me, popping in with an update, telling all of my tumblr followers I LOVE them, asking for your patience where I try to keep hold of my sanity and…lastly, coming to hang out until it’s time for bed. 

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